What is Drill Team?

Drill Team is the organized mass movement of cadets from point A to point B. It is the practice of leadership, precision, accuracy, and excellence as only the finest can be the winners. There are several sections of the Drill Team, such as Unarmed Platoon; Unarmed Platoon consists of 12 cadets and a commander. There is unarmed squad and armed squad as-well, each consisting of 6 cadets and a commander.

The current Drill Team commander is C/CPT. Harrison Albert

   What is Raiders?

The Raiders team is a group of select physically fit cadets. These cadets endure through many challenging physical events such as tireflipping, a mile run, and creating a ropebridge. The events bring out the best in the cadets through teamwork and physical fitness.

The current Raiders commander is C/CPT. Hunter O'Neill

   What is Marksmanship?

Marksmanship is the ultimate test of accuracy, patience, and precision. Cadets on the team must attain a mastery of rifle safety and knowledge to even partake in the team. Once in the team the cadets practice endlessly to achieve the ability to hit the center of a dime from a distance.

The current Marksmanship commander is C/MAJ. Marshall Ryan

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